Oil rich Delta State, south-south Nigeria has revamped its health sector and is providing quality healthcare for its people. So excellent is health services in the state that many people from nearby states now troop into the resource-rich state to enjoy the best in healthcare provided by the administration of His Excellency, Dr. Emmanuel Uduaghan.

By Alex Nwibani

The inhabitants of oil-rich Delta state and indeed other nearby states haven ever had it so good in healthcare. This is because since the beginning of the administration of Dr. Emmanuel Uduaghan, the provision of top-class and affordable healthcare has been on the priority list of the medical doctor turned politician. Uduaghan, who is in his second and final term as governor of Delta state, has made considerable and appreciable inroads in healthcare delivery to the people of Delta state. Delivering on these has not been easy as his election as governor had, on two occasions, been challenged at the law courts. But like the committed sportsman focused on the ultimate prize irrespective of challenges from other competitors, Dr. Uduaghan has remained steady fast in is aim of providing quality healthcare.

The health challenges facing the people of Delta state is not new to Governor Uduaghan. As a private medical practitioner he practiced among the people both in a corporate environment (at Shell and Delta Steel Company (DSC) and other settings especially in privately held clinics in Warri and other key towns of the state. This is in addition to having his private medical practice.

Although on-the-job pecks in these establishments, especially with Shell and DSC were fantastic, his commitment to providing quality healthcare for the people made him opt for a demanding private medical practice. His service among the people made him experience, first hand, what was affecting the people, health-wise.

Thus on becoming commissioner for health years later, his past experience practicing among the people came to bear in solving many of the challenges besieging the state's health sector. Because of the experience, it was quite easy for him to quickly grasp and understand these problems and find solutions to them. No doubt, it wasn't easy, but his plans executed in the ministry set in motion the transformation of the state's healthcare system.

To understand the challenges that confronted the new commissioner upon assumption, one must realized that Dr. Uduaghan became commissioner just after the military relinquished power. Years of neglect under the military had made Delta state's health sector fall into shambles.

However, under Uduaghan, a much needed transformation took place. Public hospitals and other health institutions which needed rehabilitation were rehabilitated. New ones were constructed to meet the growing demand, occasioned by a rise in population, for health services in the state.

In addition, incidents of "brain drain" in the sector stopped as health workers particularly doctors were motivated and enjoined to stay in the state.

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